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As data becomes more and more important to the life of a company, just a simple failure can cause the immediate loss of vital systems and data. Worse still, losing critical data regularly proves fatal to a business – closing it completely.

Today, relying on inefficient and human dependant tape technology no longer makes sense.

The Ace Computer Support Data Backup system is a fully automated backup appliance which backs up to it’s own internal disk system and then copies that backup offsite without any human intervention. It can then restore at LAN speed straight from the local disk in the event of data loss.

Normal (daily) Operation

Data Backup normal operation

All daily backups are encrypted and made to internal disks inside the Ace Computer Support appliance.

Servers, including MSExchange and MSSQL server are easily protected. Individual mailbox restore protection is also available for MSExchange.

NoteBooks and Desktops can also be protected, either as a whole or just individual folders.

Remote users can also securely backup to the appliance and be restored either remotely or at head office (this may require firewall change)

All protected data is automatically replicated to a secure data silo.

Data Backup

The issue in the failed equipment is repaired and the machine is connected to the network.

The Ace Computer Support Data Backup system then restores the data quickly from it’s internal hard disk across the LAN.

If allowed, remote users located anywhere in the work with internet access can restore their data on demand.

Once the restore is complete, automated backups and replication resumes as normal.

Lost Site – Emergency DR Mode

Data Backup

Your IT provider would re-provision your equipment at either new or temporary offices.

Urgent data can be restored immediately straight over the internet from the Ace Computer Support storage cloud.

Larger volumes of data can be couriered to the new site, which after restoring the data will be able to commence protecting new data again.

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